Day 4: Eating Leftovers / What I eat in a day

My hunger/satiety meter varies from day to day or meal to meal. Today I feel full after a few bites, so leftovers were eaten the next mealtime. I am now alright eating leftovers, as long as it’s kept properly.

You may notice the chicken kransky keep on popping up every meal, it’s just because I can’t finish all of it in a sitting or I bring my kids’ leftover bits. The kransky below I wasn’t able to eat so it’s left in the lunchbox for the next meal again.

The banana bread is made from coconut flour. I used the recipe from “What the Fat” modified it so I can use coconut flour (cheaper) instead of almond flour. It said around 4g carb per slice. Divine!


Bacon & Egg / Yoghurt / Creamy Coffee  (I didn’t eat the bread)

Morning Tea

Toasted Banana Bread (coconut flour)/ Cream Cheese/ Bacon/ Creamy Coffee
(I ate the bread at morning tea)


Half a Burger Patty with Salad Greens


(No Photo)

Roasted Chicken Leg with Crunchy Coleslaw

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