Day 3: Sweet Temptations / What I eat in a day

What would you do if plate after plate of food is handed to you? I work in a food environment so temptation is everywhere. Just imagine – pasta, rice, roti, cakes, muffins, burgers – all my favorite stuff… Last week, I would have a bite or two (or even a small piece, ahem!) just to be polite. It was alright until weekly weigh in arrived. Boom! Barely 1lb of weight loss. Thankfully, I did not gain any.

Since Day 1, I was offered Raspberry Lamington, Chicken & Potato Gnocchi, Roti, Egg Muffin and a giant Baked Potato. This time, I have been very diligent and politely refused those yummy food. Sooo hard! But I made a promise and I intend to keep it. fingers crossed!


Scrambled Egg
Garlic Mushrooms
Leftover Chicken Kransky & Spam (I don’t like throwing away food)


Buffalo Fried Chicken
Steamed Broccoli & Cauli-rice
Creamy Coffee


Mini Lamb Kebabs (free from work)


Lettuce wrapped beef burger
Glass of Pepsi Max

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