Hi! I’m Yvette & I welcome you to my site.  I started this blog so I can help anyone who wants to succeed in adapting the ketogenic & low carb lifestyles.

The meals I prepare are mostly made from scratch.  But being a busy-mom-on-a-budget, I still use some ready prepared flavours, marinades & sauces when cooking.  I look for cheaper options when grocery shopping and I use leftovers most of the time.

Through effective meal planning that includes simple, easy to prepare meals, you can concentrate more on your health, wellness or weight loss goals. It eliminates the stress of thinking what your next meal will be.

So, if you are keen on meal planning & cooking low carb, come and join me embrace the Low Carb, “Healthy” Fat (LCHF) lifestyle one simple meal at a time.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Atê (ah-têh) means “big sister” in Filipino.