Grocery Haul & Meal Planning

Bought the basics – eggs, butter, yoghurt, meat and mostly green vegetables – for our weekly shop and topped up on some bread ingredients plus coffee & pickles.

For this week, I plan to cook, make or bake the following (not in particular order):

Cheese & chili savory muffins
Spinach & mushroom egg muffins
Pork Cracklings (chicharon)

NOTE: Both muffins are a success! Stored half of them in freezer so they’ll last longer. The chicharon will be made by husband.

Main Meals
Beef Tacos (in lettuce wrap)
Thai Chicken Curry
Beef kare kare (beef w/peanut sauce)
Shrimp cooked in butter

Salad Greens
Cauliflower Rice (plain & w/masala)
Sauteed beansprouts

Sugar free Jellies
Berry cream cheese bars

I’ll keep an update of what I have made and if you like I’ll post the recipe as well.

What low carb/keto ingredients do you buy regularly?

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